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i have a black/tan mini dachshund. got her back in february (you guessed it, for valentine’s) when she was 2 mos old. i’m blogging about her today because she has just come of age — she got her period yesterday. how apt, because she was born dec 13 2008, and is also officially an “adult” starting yesterday, jun 13.

i didn’t know much about dogs before i got her. i’ve never taken care of one on my own before, and the last family dog we had was waaay back in grade school. her name was daisy (after the great gatsby character, not the disney duck) and she was mixed breed. very affectionate, that one. unfortunately we moved houses and she didn’t like the new location so we had to give her away.

ever since i was small i knew i had to have a dog when i was big enough to afford one. in all my daydreams i have always imagined the dog to be a dachshund. don’t know why. there’s something about the “hotdog” breed that i find cute and endearing — N herself (let’s call my mini doxie N for now) is a very mischievous, playful little doggie.

granted, our house is empty most of the day with everyone at work/school. N is mostly left to her own devices and apparently, while we’re gone, she spends most of it napping. (lying on her back with little feet in the air to boot. found this out when i stayed home for cfa study leave. still kept her in her cage during the day so i won’t disrupt her routine. thought she pined for us after we left but apparently she barks/whines for around 5 mins only, then goes straight to sleep. haha)

did the research beforehand and back when she was a puppy fed her Go! Natural Grain Free, Orijen Puppy and Royal Canin Mini Indoor Puppy. reason for all the changes in the food is that N is quite the picky eater and i have a bit of trouble feeding her the longer she stays with a particular brand. i like Go! though so after a round-robin of the others i went back to it. she poops less with Go!. (as of today, she’s on Canidae lamb, but afterwards i’m planning to put her back on Go!.)

once i ran out of supplies and decided to try feeding her generic dog food from True Value hardware called SUPER CHOW. ha! what a disaster. she developed two bald patches in her fur and completely refused to eat after a time. i guess the little folks know when to hold out until better-tasting (and more nutritional!) food comes along.

i feed her dry mixed with wet. she likes solid gold lamb in the green can.

anyway, for vitamins i used to give her doggymin (which came in a ridiculous bone-shaped bottle) and coat shine when she was a puppy. eventually she hated the doggymin and i had to chase her around the house with a plastic syringe and tackle her to the ground before she took it. she loves coat shine though and is still taking it up to now. that’s good, since i believe it helps make her coat glossier. when your dog’s black and smooth-haired these things matter quite a lot.

for shampoo i tried doggie’s choice herbal first, since it was readily available at the grocery. not bad–i just didn’t like the smell of the shampoo itself on N’s coat. so the next time around i bought top dog orange-scented shampoo from the grocery again. gah! will not recommend. her coat got all matted and lost the shine. so i switched to sergeant’s fur-so-fresh tea tree oil (Php250 at cartimar) for sensitive skin starting last week, and so far it’s working great. her fur’s soft and she smells yummy.

her favorite pastime--chomping on slippers

her favorite pastime–chomping on slippers

a little trick for tough-to-feed doxies: *credit to this one goes to the Boyfriend since he was the one who discovered it, heehee*

what you need: a laser pointer

what to do: my dog is not easy to feed. when i set her dish in front of her she only sniffs at it once or twice then looks at me as if to say, “now what?” we discovered that if we point a laser pointer at the floor–or just about anywhere–N would follow the little red dot like a hawk. be it on the wall (she’d try to lick it) or on the floor, she just runs and follows the dot wherever it points. when we led N to her food dish with the pointer, she would take 2-3 bites of the food then go look for the red dot again. so what we did was use the pointer to make her run around the room, then lead her back to the dish where she’d eat, then repeat the process till she’d finished her food.

the trick is absolutely SILLY i know. but since it works for my dog i’ve used it to feed her ever since. sometimes she doesn’t need it, like if the food is really tasty (read: leftover chicken meat mixed with her kibble). but if she’s being difficult it always works.




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