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Three of my four Amphigorey books (by Edward Gorey) have arrived! Thank you Amazon for making such difficult books happy-easy to find.

I’ve always been a closet fan of horror/suspense. Not the watered-down, Diet Coke versions such as the Twilight series (which I seriously doubt would fall under ‘horror’ anyway). I still do recall, way back in Std. 4, the very first books I ever bought with my own pocket money were the “99 Fear Street: House of Evil” series. I also remember reading Goosebumps’ “Welcome to Dead House” while nursing a fever on the second floor of the St Scho Manila clinic back in Gr. 2 (yup, the scary floor filled with nothing but ancient hospital beds).

old school!

old school!

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I liked understated, creep-up-behind-you storytelling best. H.P. Lovecraft + reading alone under lamplight + imagination was enough to produce goosebumps.

At times, seeing it is just as good as reading the words. Illustrators like Charles Addams, Gahan Wilson (whom my sisters and I got to know through The Ultimate Haunted House) and Edward Gorey’s stories and pictures (I loved The Gashlycrumb Tinies) are also in a class of their own. I look forward to reading Gorey’s The Object Lesson, Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham and Dahl’s Boy to my future kids.

my favorite charles addams' cartoon.

my favorite charles addams’ cartoon.

we never did find those thirteen keys in time.

we never did find those 13 keys on time.

Another artist whose works I currently adore is John Kenn Mortensen. He draws his pictures in such detail it’s hard to believe he uses Post-its as his canvas. His monsters are just the type nightmares are made of too.







And now, just to add to the randomness of this post, here is a really good animated short of The Facts In the Case of Mr. Valdemar by another one of my favorite authors, Edgar Allan Poe.

Finally, a cute picture of a shtoopid fat pigeon, which was the only reason I brought home my copy of the Metro today.

pigeon with bread necklace

pigeon with bread necklace


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