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Katipunan Avenue

Found this old post from October 13, 2006. In the interest of preservation, I re-post it here.

i was in katipunan the other night doing last-minute grocery shopping for my project. i had to walk all the way to shoppersville after finding out rustan’s was stocking holiday ham next month. so i rode the jeep on the way back and i got to thinking about my katipunan foodie adventures. had i really eaten out in all the establishments on katipunan avenue? i decided to check, from left to right.

the places there now:
s.r.thai – yup, recently too, with my b. he likes the seafood rice, and i agree with him that it tastes great (he doesn’t believe me). just remove the pineapple. haha.
gayuma – it used to be that this was at the other end, nearer tapa king. that old version was cozier and smaller, it had wooden floors and rose trellises wound around the stair railings and tarot books on the shelves. but being wooden made it burn easier. i like their better than sex cake and their eggplant parmigiana. the new gayuma is bigger, but a bit more “impersonal,” i think.
cravings – tasted their soup and pasta…it wasn’t exactly wapak remarkable. nothing distinctive, but my ex likes their salad bar. their lady fingers cake was okay. the place where he sang ‘if i fell.’ the cheekiness of it all. also where we canvassed for debut places.
mcdonald’s – durr. i think i’ve eaten/driven through/tambay-ed there the most times…waaay before its many facelifts. it used to be that they weren’t open 24/7…loving their sarsi float. nice memories…ajss after-overnight breakfast with the 13-we-didn’t-sleep-girls, reviewing for law with b…
fruit magic – get shakes craving every so often, and fruit magic is the it place to quench that.
the persian resto in the building beside shakey’s – didn’t like that there was no non-smoking area…the food is HOT.
ditto for the resto in the same building (wok dis way? i forgot the name) – nothing special too…we had an auditing exam (if my memory serves me correct) and i remember there were books on the table…we also talked about movie posters, because they had a cool one of LOTR…
shakey’s – ooh. sgv fgd. haha. hmm…place to satisfy potato-mojo cravings. used to bring home lots for dinner. endless ice cream experience. pre-AOG discussion on possible talents.
chiggy’s – ate there once…i remember he had liempo.
starbucks – haha…countless times. just us, or with a close friend, watching little mermaid. i like the just us times better. remember fiddling with his palm pilot and looking at my pictures and his stories. frappe days. also take-out, drunk in up without sugar, or in admu without heart.
sari-sari store selling bbq sticks beside my old “dorm” – joko recommended their bbq, and when we were out of dinner ideas we usually just bought rice and two sticks. sulit.
jollibee – another durr. breakfasts, a dinner with ate jho and my ate.
greenwich – this is a newbie…bought my birthday pizzas here.
red ribbon – remember as far back as freshie year, met up with nixie’s blockmates here. the ube cake, the mocha crunch cake…
max’s – where i won our first annive dinner! haha. another dinner, we ordered one whole chix to ourselves. do love eating out with my b.
kenny’s – first ever date! wapak. how coincidental…where i had my first date the other time too, only that was in sta lu with a chaperone. fallback place to eat when we ran out of ideas. maybe because of the parking.
seattle’s – another durr place…but starbucks frappes are better. their hot stuff is nicer though. first time they ran into each other, i think.
hungry hippo – also a one-time experience. i think their sandwiches are overpriced, but pepe seems to enjoy their burgers. hm. maybe i should try it someday.
yellow cab – with cheekee and the clan. someone treated… was it pau? saw ethel booba in the underground parking, haha.
sweet inspirations (tama ba? haha) – just ate cake, i think. what did we talk about? something about kule. i forget.
kitaro – take-out with my b, eaten afterwards in cafe verde. okay lang for a fastfood jap.
the old spaghetti house – with luz, jo, and co, before our manila expedition. remember they were fighting pa then. also, ma & dad’s annive dinner, and where we met for p&g-aims, and my b and i. i keep ordering the pasta negra, and every time, it wasn’t available.
chicken bacolod – first time was with the debate club before watching sinta. how long ago was that? haha.
world toppings – first time was with nix, i think. their lengua is tough, and they don’t take out the rough sides like mama does at home.
bento box – eat there often enough, their sashimi is okay for fastfood jap. memorable tokwa incident…wanted to know if it was steamed or fried and asked “pano po yung luto nito?” was greeted by “ay, secret po, ma’am.”
pancake house – once. both in white/blue jackets, before a play i think.
cello’s – cheese donuts whee! also love to look at the beads while waiting. b knows i do.
kfc – yet another durr. bumped into lea and deo here. like their chicken (surprise, surprise!)
kamirori – the quintessential eating place (used-to-be). always, the maki, sashimi, tempura, and his miso. don’t like it much now, realize i’d rather go for teriyaki boy.
ice monster – whee! remember bonding with my b here. pestered him about his love life. don’t know if he remembers.
ken afford – another whee! girls only dinner with luz, jo, nelyn, and kryss…wonder where the pictures are.
rice in a box – one of our fave places. like their adobo rice, and am afraid to experiment… maybe will try the others minsan.
that awful place beside rice in a box – haha, it had stones in the rice! geez. it also had a funny e-peace taste. yuckae.
chix n treats – ordered something bland–tinola i think–and wasn’t “treated” in any way. boo.
ilocos empanada – take-out, found it too oily though.
another boo place purporting to be a jap resto – ha! and my b will attest to this. crappy service, crappy food. i remember we starbucks-ed after.
siomai house – a special mention. special thanks to my b for introducing me to their chili.

even the places that have closed down:
shade – treated to vodka, and rashed the day after. where virge constantly invites us for videoke.
zagu – aaaw…remember dropping by when we craved for something cold.
munch – it was okay..until that fateful pesto experience where i lbm-ed for two straight days. avoided it after.
dunkin donuts – rendezvous, and a place for quick sweet tooth munchies.
burger king – great study place because of the bottomless drinks. lots of pink memories, and dark ones too…
seiji – ate there just once, and no wonder it closed down. overpriced. bad sushi too.
the place where bubble gang toppings is now – i forgot the name. something artsy fartsy. i don’t remember what i ate, but i remember the art on the walls and how everything was so black. and that people smoked inside.
the first floor in SBC building, wala na rin – where SIKAT had its launch party. a canteen-type thing with different foodie stalls.
thai in a box – ate there with nixie first time…also with my ex, i remember the pad thai chicken.
that no-name coffee shop that came in between t.i.b. and cdr king’s time – boo…only drunk half their “frappe”…more like iced nescafe, durr. mas masarap pa nga ata yung nescafe. orange sticks.
brothers burger – with lisa and nixie, eons ago. remember how shocked i was at the burger’s size. ordered lamb.
tapa king – first, for breakfast. had strawberry frappes after and picked up his homework, remember i was inis because he didn’t tell me to bring mine.
cafe eyrie – fried ice cream! ate with my b, before it shut down.
the barn – once only, and like that place in camp john hay, they have placemats you can write on. colored something on it. had lamb here too, with mint.
kublai’s – where he treated me to ice cream after we made up. he just watched me eat. and told me to put more sprinkles in my cup.
sugar n beans – whee! tambay with luzvi and my b. studied (or attempted to). miss their little cakes.
the place that sold sub sandwiches and ice cream & used to be where greenwich is now – treated to ice cream every so often. loved their butterscotch flavor.

even those farther up the avenue:
kopi roti – once only with b, like their brown bun. :) with some butter type-thing inside. but dad’s right, they serve coffee malaysian-style, it’s too…erm…pangit. haha.
bite club – whee! with my b. like their fries (but would love to good-burger better). first time was takeout, to make amends.

this foodie-logue doesn’t make much sense…haha.
i can’t remember what was there before chiggy’s.

Katipunan Avenue

Katipunan Avenue. Ah, college.
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