the big day preps series #1: the where

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the Big Day
orange-y tinge

It was always this church that popped into my head whenever I imagined my wedding. Always.

The photos speak for themselves.

Caleruega Chapel facade

Caleruega Chapel facade

the afternoon light

the afternoon light (with his parents, ha)

Apart from how dreamy the place looked in the afternoon, I love how intimate it felt. I also preferred the feeling of not being rushed for the ceremony, unlike in the huge churches which have 1-hour strict schedules (Caleruega schedules are 9PM–too early, 12NN–lunch, 6PM–too late, and 3PM–just right!).

Bear in mind we got engaged in May of 2011. At that time, we were fairly sure that this was the place where we wanted to get married. When we asked our parents to visit the chapel to make a downpayment, the 3PM Saturday schedules for Dec 2012 were already fully booked. That’s how far in advance the dates for Caleruega get full. We finally settled for a date in January 2013, which worked out well as it coincided with when he first asked me to be his girlfriend. (haha)

orange-y tinge

orange-y tinge

The church rental is P15,000. The last time I checked the Dominican website was down though; they used to post the rates for the function rooms beside the chapel there.

the detail on the door

the detail on the door

I can’t wait.


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  1. I was married (2nd time) last September in a tiny wooden church that was built in 1885 — on an island in Toronto harbor. We all went there by water taxi. It smelled of warm wood, and is surrounded by parkland and I could literally hear crickets outside. I grew up in Toronto and love nature, so this was the perfect spot: intimate, lovely, welcoming.

    • Wow, that sounds amazing! I would love to get married outdoors, if only the weather back home were more reliable.
      On a side note, I love your blog! I actually majored in Journalism before shifting to Business and am considering going back to my first love, writing. Your post on freelance writing was quite helpful =) And your name sounds like Meg Ryan’s character in ‘You’ve Got Mail,’ ha. Thanks again for dropping by!

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