the big day: it’s all in the details (part 2)

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the Big Day

Previous wedding details post here.

The Church

The Transfiguration Chapel (or Caleruega, as it’s more popularly known) is quaint and pretty enough to stand on its own without too much décor. Teddy Manuel, our florist-stylist, kept it minimal and used a lot of baby’s breath, off-white vintage lamps, and simple pink roses. The flowers were placed in brown paper map cones, in keeping with our travel theme.



The Reception

Back at Hill Creek Gardens the tents were set up for the dinner reception. We chose to have a sofa with a wide-enough, low coffee table so plates could fit in case we had time to eat. Teddy added replicas of tourist attractions which he used in one of his earlier weddings.

Ask your stylist about recycling details. It’s more of the pretty, without more of the cost.



reception047The lighted-up dance floor set up made getting down more fun.


The Wedding Cake

Helen from Googly Gifts baked our personalized, clay cake toppers. I loved the detail on our mini-me’s. I even had to send her a photo of the Hubby so she can get his hair right. :) The detail on my gown is not too obvious in the actual event’s photo, but if you have a look at the photo Helen sent me before delivery you’ll see it matches my gown exactly.

The little map says ‘Journey of a Lifetime,’ similar to our ring bearer bowl.



To save on costs we had our caterer Kaye Cunanan make a simple, butter walnut wedding cake as a package add-on.

reception1076The Table Centerpieces

The table numbers were placed in vintage frames, each with a city name. These were places the Hubby and I had been to, so we included a small personal anecdote about our trip to each city. Guest tables were accented with treasure boxes, small globes, and mirrors.

Hubby’s brother helped make the silhouettes of famous city landmarks which you see in each frame.



reception357The godparents’ tables had a tall silver candelabra where little map pennants hung. Teddy added a lot of old books, vintage candle holders, and chunky candles to the mix.



reception387Place cards were printed on faded brown luggage tags.


The Messages

Guests wrote us their messages on postcards printed by Kaye Cunanan (wish cards are also included in their catering package). For the front of the postcard, I gave her the digital format of retro travel posters from a book I bought on Amazon. For the reverse, Kaye printed a vintage-looking ‘Post Card’ font and a small box for the stamp.

She also helped us hand-stamp a Journey of  a Lifetime ‘post mark’ on each card. My Ate (older sister) had the rubber stamps made from a local supplier.


reception012The wishing tree from afar. Original plan was to use the mailbox, but there was the question of getting the postcards out of the box.


The Game

We only had one game, a trivia game pitting the tables against each other. Personally I think too many games at weddings is a tad tacky (it’s not a birthday party!). As a little inside joke between Hubby and me, our avatars featured Vault Boy in a suit with a matching Vault Girl. I’m not too sure how many people got that. :)


The Booze

GQ Mobile Bar supplied the drinks for the night. We chose them primarily because their out-of-town fees, a huge hidden cost for Tagaytay weddings, wasn’t as high as the other mobile bars. GQ made us a special personalized cocktail. It was bubblegum pink and was more sweet than alcoholic.


The Lights

Guests held long sparklers from Dragon Fireworks as we made our entrance.

reception1556Dragon also supplied the fab fireworks that capped off the evening’s celebrations.


And finally, The Photobooth

Filipinos are huge fans of having their photos taken, so a photobooth at local weddings is practically a must. It keeps the guests busy during cocktails and is a fun souvenir of the day. We worked with Baicapture at a vintage map photo template and made sure to include our ubiquitous monogram. :)

M15691116That’s it for my wedding details post. If you’re a bride-to-be I hope it helped you think about the kinds of details you want, if at all. Anyway, at the end of the day what matters is being with the one you love. :)

Will post thoughts on our suppliers next.


The Author

I am 100% Filipina. I've lived in Manila, Jakarta, and London. Right now, I'm firmly planted in the tiny island of Singapore! I caught the travel bug early on. I also love reading, dark chocolate, spur-of-the-moment food trips, Fridays, dachshunds, and lazy weekends with my family or the Hubby.


  1. Kristine says

    Hi! I’m also not based in the Philippines and I plan on having a wedding in Tagaytay as well. I’m hoping for Calruega or for San Antonio ng Padua. If you don’t mind my asking, how much did you spend on this wedding? I’m also hoping for Ville sommet or Hill Creek Gardens. Also would you recommend your wedding coordinator again?

    • hi there Kristine! ville sommet was on my shortlist as well. i recall the main “complaint” from suppliers at the time was the distance of the glass house from the gate (difficult when carrying equipment) and the amount of decor you need to prettify the place (since it’s so big). that said, evening photos in the glass house look amazing.
      hill creek was having major renovations done at the back when our reception was held there… i’m not too sure what it looks like now to be honest. but my experience back in jan-2013 was A+ :) i also liked that we weren’t constrained by time; we had the place to ourselves for a day.
      yup, absolutely recommend pooh and team! :) our wedding was handled by christine and her team directly (plus gelo nadonga – really nice guy!). i can’t speak for weddings handled by other CoTe teams :)
      happy preps!

    • hi! upon reading Neri’s blog, I saw your comment here.. you might want to check out our website, for your wedding coordinator needs :) thank you!

  2. arleen says

    Good day

    Please provide me with the contact
    details of their wedfing venue abd organizer

    Thanks alot

    • Here you go:
      Hill Creek Gardens – hillcreekgardens[AT]
      Christine Ong Te Events – pooh_n_style[AT]

      Not sure if either address still works, but it did a few years ago. You can also contact Hill Creek through your planner.
      Happy preps!

      • Ova says


        I just wana ask if you can send me the contact details for your fireworks display supplier and how much it cost you? As ive already asked someone from tagaytay area but felt like theyre dodgy. They cant even send me a full price list and insisting to just get a box costs 50,000 and told me to assign someone to lit up the box(continuous fireworks). Also the supplier told me that 50,000 worth is like the ones that we see on tv or fireworks display in SM Malls. Our wedding is on Nov this year in will be held at Caleruega and KC HIllcrest Hotel & Golf Club.

        Thanks heaps!
        (Melb based Filo couple)

      • Hi there Ova! We booked Dragon Fireworks through a wedding fair and let our coordinator handle the rest. The display was wonderful and cost less than Php50,000 (how much will depend on the package you get).

        We also got sparklers from them for our entrance — it lasted a while and made for great photos.

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