Littered With Books @ Duxton Road

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Duxton Road is full of shophouses remodeled and decorated to become trendy cafés (the ones that serve coffee with froth shaped into twee bears and hearts), tapas bars, and bar bars. It’s easy to miss Littered With Books, which is sandwiched between a Japanese restaurant and a pub.

littered with books_2

Shophouses in Chinatown, en route to Duxton Rd

Littered With Books is a two-storey independent bookshop with a wide selection of “carefully selected literary, non-fiction, crime, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy books, travel narratives and award winning children’s books” (according to their Facebook page).

The narrow shop gave me the impression it was stocked to the brim with books (dare I say, littered with it?). A ‘What We’re Reading’ wall greeted me on entry. The staff were very friendly; someone immediately approached us to ask if it was our first time to the store, and to let them know if we needed any assistance. (We were actually approached twice, each person with the same-ish script, but I don’t see anything wrong with a little over-enthusiasm in the world of customer service.) I got the strong impression that the staff loved to read and were truly more than happy to help if asked.

Books! Books everywhere! (Source:

I like that, similar to Waterstones and Foyles stores in the UK, Littered With Books has little note recommendations from the shop’s staff stuck on the shelves below a lot of the books. Readers and readers-to-be may have no clue on where to begin. Those little staff notes go a long way in helping them consider and choose books at their own leisure.

The shop also lent itself to lingering, with a lot of empty chairs and couches scattered for solitary readers. The first floor houses their literary section and the kids’ book section. There is a small corner for kids to read.

littered with books_4

A narrow stairwell with quotes from famous authors led me up to the second floor, which houses the rest of the genres. (Check out the “chalk” body outline on the floor in front of the crime section.) There is another staircase on this floor, a mysterious one which leads nowhere and serves mostly as additional shelving for more books.

littered with books_3

Like another indie bookshop Woods in the Books, Littered With Books doesn’t like photography in their store. They were really nice and polite about it when I asked though.

Overall: friendly shop staff and a varied assortment of writers to choose from, so I’ll definitely be back. Its convenient location and opening hours (the shop closes 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 8pm the rest of the week) make it a good, quiet place to hang out before evening drinks.

I remember one of Samuel Johnson’s quotes that hung on the shop’s stairwell: “A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.” Thanks in part to bookshops like these, we have more places to read on, friends. Read on.

Littered With Books

20 Duxton Road, Singapore 089586


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