Change, 2016

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The task of cooking our New Year media noche fell to me, with Mom heading back home to the Philippines. I wanted to get bellychon so I wouldn’t have to cook, but our favorite lechon stall was so busy it had stopped accepting orders. I made Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs from a Yummy PH recipe online instead. Among other things, it called for a whole jar of pineapple jam, a quarter cup of soy sauce and a can of Sprite. Despite my initial misgivings the Hubby loved it.

I also made a salad with cream cheese, chicken and grapes, and desserts with a lot of circle-y things in it: green tea cheesecake topped with white chocolate buttons (which turned out too sweet), cookies sprinkled with Reese’s pieces and walnuts.

Mom used to make us wear anything with polka dots or circles for New Year. I guess it’s supposed to attract wealth. We also jumped at the strike of 12 midnight (for added height — didn’t work), put plenty of coins in our pockets (again for wealth — but the coins interfered with the jumping), and went around the house blowing on our torotot or twisting toy drums my Dad had brought back from one of his China business trips (the noise was meant to drive away mean spirits). Our dogs hated those toy drums.




Peanut fully consumed my 2015. I hardly felt the year go by. Then again, the weeks went by sloth-slow while I was pregnant. So… it could be a matter of perspective.

I had a list of resolutions at the start of 2015, some of which I’ve recycled for 2016.

  1. Get fit. (I should be more motivated since I have to lose all this baby weight on top of all the weight I should’ve lost last year. Go me!)
  2. Blog more. (Sigh. Now that I’ve consolidated all my blogs to this one, this resolution should be slightly easier. Right? Right??)
  3. Read and finish more books. (Emphasis on finish.)
  4. Stop adding books to shelf until I’ve made substantial progress with #3. (I think I broke this resolution just yesterday. Will restart the day count from today. Can I do that?)
  5. Do something concrete about my “passion”. (Or at least, what I like to think of as my passion, which is to read. I’m taking a 10-week Critical Reading class in the hope that it’ll make me a better reader / bibliophile, whatever “better” actually means. My deeper unspoken hope is that the class will spark something in me and help me figure out what to do with my 30s. Maybe it’ll make all my career-related what-if’s go away. We’ll see.)

Onward with change, 2016!


The Author

I am 100% Filipina. I've lived in Manila, Jakarta, and London. Right now, I'm firmly planted in the tiny island of Singapore! I caught the travel bug early on. I also love reading, dark chocolate, spur-of-the-moment food trips, Fridays, dachshunds, and lazy weekends with my family or the Hubby.


  1. oh we almost have the same goals! guilty of #4 here. just love buying books and then they just end up in the shelf, which relates to your #3. haha.

    #1 is a constant struggle for mom’s like us.

    and yeah #2. my last post was oct-2015 which seems like ages ago. haha!

    my baby ka na pala. congrats! :)

    • Salamat! :) Yes, hoping to catch up on the blog now that he’s a tiny bit bigger! On the books resolution: I’m pleased to report I’ve finished a few books na, thanks to Hubby converting me to an e-reader. :) Dati ayoko, but it’s easier to read one-handed with it vs a paper book. :P
      Not giving up on my paper books yet though!

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