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bali break

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I must say I never really knew about “babymoons” until a work colleague, M, asked me about it. Granted, though she’s Singaporean she’s spent most of her adult life in Melbourne and therefore she knows all about funky drinks I’ve never heard of like Lemon, Lime & Bitters (a.k.a. LLB), calls sunglasses “sunnies” and has friends who go on babymoons.

over the holidays

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For Christmas this year, I went home. It was a welcome respite from the avalanche of last-minute deal making (seriously, Japanese banks… please stop e-mailing, everyone else is on holiday mode :( ), frantic reading (not pleasant books like what I talk about here, but facility agreements and termsheets and sales agreements and on and on), and… well, work and studying, in general. I had a couple more posts I wanted to write, three more […]

Singapore Writers Festival 2014: On blogs, and not knowing

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The Singapore Writers Festival is a yearly literary event organized by the National Arts Council, bringing together Singaporean and international writers alike. The week-long calendar is full of events ranging from panel discussions, workshops, film viewings, literary tours and opportunities to dine with world-famous writers, to Little Lit events for kids. SWF is preceded by a few year-round programmes including the Utter 2014 screening I wrote about a few months back.

Halloween Reads: The Best of Gahan Wilson

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The Best of Gahan Wilson (edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner), 2004  Published by Underwood Books First line: “Here comes that Wilson boy…” Book Rx: Sometimes dark, sometimes humorous. A fascinating glimpse into a unique mind. * My first brush with Gahan Wilson was a game we used to play on our home PC (with Windows 95, no less!). I suppose Gahan Wilson’s The Ultimate Haunted House is really the main reason why I’m filing this book, a […]

Halloween Reads: Strangers

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Strangers by Taichi Yamada, 2003 (Wayne Lammers’ English translation) Published by Faber and Faber First line: “After my divorce, I set up house in the apartment I had been using as an office.” Book Rx: If you’re looking for a quiet, chilling, old-fashioned ghost story. * In my opinion Japanese horror belongs to a class of its own. One look at films like Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water, Audition, and the stranger ones like House; or the gameplay in survival horror gems like Silent Hill and Siren, and […]