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for the love of UP

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Today I missed UP. Badly. Or maybe I just had a mad craving for monay with cheese. I’m not sure if they even sell them anymore, in those large, white styrofoam coolers that kept the bread warm. I usually found it near Casaa. But now the food centre is gone… The UP Diliman campus was such a huge part of my teenage years. Well before my sisters and I entered UP, our parents took us there to […]

ancient cambodia

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Do you remember the mobile video game Temple Run? It was a running game with no end — at least until you made an ill-timed swipe or the crazy monkeys caught up with you. The temple stones at Siem Reap in Cambodia are as moss-covered as those in the game. The monkeys here are dueling kings however, pink and still in the ancient stone.


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Never have I started and discarded so many Facebook posts until this election. I started to write a post titled, “Am I answering the right question?” It would’ve been about Daniel Kahneman and how he explained the way we make decisions: our fast-thinking System 1 and slower System 2. I wanted to write about the dangers of substitution, which is how we often come up with intuitive answers to complicated questions. Substitution is what deludes us into thinking we’ve answered our […]

magical myanmar

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“Are you traveling alone?” the young girl sitting next to me on the plane asked as we landed in Yangon last December. I had noticed her earlier; I found it odd but charming when she stuck her fingers in her ears when the plane took off. We chatted a little. She wanted to know if I was on a tour. (We weren’t, except for bookings which we did through Intrepid Travel the Hubby and I mapped out […]

happy 50th birthday, SG

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The Hubby commented that we’re often in the right place at the right time in the cities we live in. Something big always seemed to be happening: in London we were around for Will and Kate’s wedding, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the London 2012 Olympics, and the birth of cute Prince George in St. Mary’s Hospital, which was close to our Paddington flat then. Now our home for a little over two years, this lovely Little […]