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for the love of UP

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Today I missed UP. Badly. Or maybe I just had a mad craving for monay with cheese. I’m not sure if they even sell them anymore, in those large, white styrofoam coolers that kept the bread warm. I usually found it near Casaa. But now the food centre is gone… The UP Diliman campus was such a huge part of my teenage years. Well before my sisters and I entered UP, our parents took us there to […]


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Never have I started and discarded so many Facebook posts until this election. I started to write a post titled, “Am I answering the right question?” It would’ve been about Daniel Kahneman and how he explained the way we make decisions: our fast-thinking System 1 and slower System 2. I wanted to write about the dangers of substitution, which is how we often come up with intuitive answers to complicated questions. Substitution is what deludes us into thinking we’ve answered our […]

bantayan island paradise

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after weeks of anticipation: bikini-shopping, getting a wax, browsing forums for what-to-do’s and where-to-go’s and how-to-get-there’s… i finally got to bantayan island. it was totally worth it. <hover your cursor over the pics for comments> spent one night in cebu before leaving for the island early the next day. we took a cab from mandaue city to the north bus terminal, and were just in time for the yellow ceres bus that would take us […]