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babar and shere khan

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I have recently decided to get a grip on this blog and start posting more often. I┬ádo need some form of writing outlet… otherwise work would get to me too much and all the writing I’ll ever do will be along the lines of debt service cover ratios or credit grades or “for-your action”s or (and I hate this the most) “a gentle reminder.” To continue on from my trip to Bangkok (in 2009! durr), […]

a long overdue bangkok post

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asia / on the road / thailand

Now that CFA is over and I have my social life back, I want to update this quiet ol’ blog on recent and not-so-recent trips. One of the not-so-recent ones was a 3-day trip last August 2009 to Bangkok, Thailand. Since three days are not enough to cover the city, let alone the beaches, we only got to tour a few places. First off, we stayed at Grand Watergate, quite small but if you’re looking […]