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our roman holiday (and a proposal)

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Rome is a delicious assault on the senses. Turn a corner and you’re awestruck by a ginormous 280-year old fountain grafted on to the back of a palazzo. The thickest, creamiest gelato melts on the tongue; walk too long on her cobbled streets and you end up with hurting feet after a while. We stayed at Hotel Smeraldo, a reasonably-priced hotel close to the Pantheon. Walking around Rome is the best way, in my opinion, […]

venice, by the sea

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europe / italy / on the road

To me Venice is an beautifully eccentric grande dame, bedecked with heavy jewels and with a bit too much makeup. I picture Her with bright red lipstick, slightly askew. She’s seen everything–from the elegance of the Renaissance to the slow but steady claim the tourist kiosks with knock-off Venetian masks and keychains from China have on her narrow streets. I think this makes Her walk a little slower, stoop a little lower. A city built on […]

a mini tuscan break: pisa and florence

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europe / italy / on the road
The view at one of the pit stops

Day 1: Pisa While at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy with the Fiancé, I thought two thoughts: Random Thought #1. Where was my 4th year high school Physics book? Paul Hewitt was the reason why Physics was my favorite science subject then. I remembered reading up to Einstein’s theory of relativity even though it was way past the required reading list, just because I was so caught up with Mr. Hewitt’s writing […]