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swiss miss part 2: jungfraujoch

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Previous post on Montreux here. We made Wengen our “base” for our Swiss Alps trip. Hubby said Lauterbrunnen, an earlier stop on the Wengernalp rail, was also a popular base as it was a little closer for traveling to nearby peaks compared to Wengen. Why didn’t we stay there? I asked. He said some people found Lauterbrunnen claustrophobic since it was in a valley. The view from Wengen of the mountains was also supposed to be better. […]

swiss miss part 1: montreux

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europe / on the road / switzerland

Previous post on Nice/Bormes les Mimosas here. Our hotel in Montreux, Hotel Eden Palace Au Lac, was straight out of a Wes Anderson set (I felt), with its mango ice cream-colored carpets, the rooms equipped with inner and outer doors, and the thick wooden side table which looked like it used to house a retro radio with knobs and dials (since removed, leaving the table with unexplained holes). My suspicions were confirmed when I leafed […]