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for the love of UP

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Today I missed UP. Badly. Or maybe I just had a mad craving for monay with cheese. I’m not sure if they even sell them anymore, in those large, white styrofoam coolers that kept the bread warm. I usually found it near Casaa. But now the food centre is gone… The UP Diliman campus was such a huge part of my teenage years. Well before my sisters and I entered UP, our parents took us there to […]

above and beyond

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on whatever

We booked a Grab* car to take us from The Fat Prince, where we had a leisurely lunch, back to the office. The car itself was unremarkable. But then I noticed several tubes of L’Occitane hand cream in black car organizers that hung behind both front seats.


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Never have I started and discarded so many Facebook posts until this election. I started to write a post titled, “Am I answering the right question?” It would’ve been about Daniel Kahneman and how he explained the way we make decisions: our fast-thinking System 1 and slower System 2. I wanted to write about the dangers of substitution, which is how we often come up with intuitive answers to complicated questions. Substitution is what deludes us into thinking we’ve answered our […]

the heart of the matter

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I was cutting up a dressed chicken into pieces for tonight’s adobo dinner when I got to thinking about hearts. Chicken hearts, to be precise, of which I’m a fan. When I was a child, my mom’s favorite fresh chicken vendor in our neighborhood talipapa, Aling Lulu, always knew to save the hearts for me.  Aling Lulu’s stall stood in the corner, next to a muscular teen selling coconuts (it was never the same guy, but they were all strikingly muscular […]

Change, 2016

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The task of cooking our New Year media noche fell to me, with Mom heading back home to the Philippines. I wanted to get bellychon so I wouldn’t have to cook, but our favorite lechon stall was so busy it had stopped accepting orders. I made Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs from a Yummy PH recipe online instead. Among other things, it called for a whole jar of pineapple jam, a quarter cup of soy sauce and a can of Sprite. Despite […]