barcelona: almost untold

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Oo na, baduy na yung title! 😂

But seriously, that we even have photos from our Christmas 2011 trip to Barcelona is a bloody miracle by itself, considering both of our cameras were stolen soon after that trip at the NAIA Terminal 1 airport.  Read More


for the love of UP

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Today I missed UP. Badly.

Or maybe I just had a mad craving for monay with cheese. I’m not sure if they even sell them anymore, in those large, white styrofoam coolers that kept the bread warm. I usually found it near Casaa. But now the food centre is gone…

The UP Diliman campus was such a huge part of my teenage years.

Well before my sisters and I entered UP, our parents took us there to play badminton in the mostly empty carpark in front of AS. (Last I heard, parking spaces are now harder to come by.) Maybe they were conditioning us to think of the place as our own. It worked. :) Read More

athens, again

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Visiting Greece had always been in my travel bucket list — the culture! the history! the chance to actually touch the white marble of the Parthenon! It was a bonus to have my two sisters with me when I went to Athens in September 2012.

It was the year of Grexit. I recall expecting protests in front of the Parliament, which was very near our hotel, the Electra Palace in Plaka district, and being a little worried.

The evzones or Greek soldiers in traditional attire, complete with red pompomed shoes.

Whenever possible we try to visit a McDonald’s when we travel. It usually has a menu item unique to the city — I remember the McD in Paris had a burger with blue cheese instead of the usual processed slices, Singapore used to have a gula melaka-flavored McFlurry. Our hotel was near one which had a ‘Greek Mac’: two beef patties, lettuce and tomatoes sandwiched in pita bread. Read More